Lighthouses in Ireland

Good morning, afternoon, evening Matteo, Fabio, Emanuele, Francesco, Maurizio, 


and whoever wants to join us acquiring English as a second language; 

this is the article for you for our next class. Plus films to watch, summaries and comments to write and when together opportunities to speak. 

Again Ireland  

1. Is there anything in common between this and the previous article? 

2. What does the Irish Landmarks Trust do? 

3. If you had the chance, which lighthouse would you like to visit among the ones described?

4. Is the one proposed in All Island Lighthouse Tourism Trail a type of vacation you would choose? 


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Maria Luisa: very good job. I'm sure you can find the very few mistakes you made, just reading again your writing. 

To deliver your speech before your class, give everybody the "big picture", I mean try to contextualize the lighthouses in Ireland as part  of a project intended to preserve and utilize historical buildings. 


See you in class

Anna - Coordinator 

Source: Speak Up September 2014 



0 #7 maria luisa 2016-02-07 15:07
I've never visited Ireland and his lighthouses.I like very much lighthouses because they have a magic and mysticism of theirown.If i had the opportunity to visit them i would choose Hook Head.Hook Head is about 800 years old and is the oldest working lighthouse in the world.It was located in the Hook peninsula,50 km from Wexford town.The first custodians to the lighthouse were a small group of Monks whose small monestery was situated on the peninsula. The Monks were the lightkeepers since 1240,they left the tower and were raplaced in the mid 17th.In 2001 the lighthouse was opened to the public as a tourism attraction.
0 #6 billig bredbånd tv 2016-01-31 18:31
Det vil med andre ord sige, at hvis det eer 3G internet du
har/skal have, kan dett ikke anbefales at bruge den som mobilt
hotspot i længere tid, dda hastigheden ofte vil være så lav, at
det næsten er ubrugeligt.
0 #5 Fabio Barsotti 2014-10-24 15:47
It continues...
Gallery Head Lighthouse: it is one of the most powerful lighthouses in Europe.
Then, there are in Ireland lighthouses still operating.
The Commissioners of Irish Lights operate more than 70 lighthouses. They launched the “All Island Lighthouse Tourism Trail” program. The trail is along the entire coast of Ireland.
Hook Head Lighthouse: it was built at the beginning of the 13th century. This is one of the oldest operating lighthouses in the world. It has a medieval architecture.
0 #4 Fabio Barsotti 2014-10-24 15:44
Summary of the article: “To the lighthouse”

Ireland is famous in the world for its castles and pubs.
But the lighthouses here have something of magic.
The lighthouses now, as in the past, save lives: they preserve not only mariners, but also people of the coastal communities.
The Irish Landmark Trust, an Irish company, restores neglected historic buildings, and convertes them in houses of vacancy. The Irish Landmark Trust has a lot of properties, not only lighthouses, but castles, towers, houses too. Some beautiful Irish lighthouses are:
Wicklow Head Lighthouse: it has an octogonal perimeter with walls over a metre thick. It seems a fortress.
Loop Head Lighthouse: it is built on a lonely clifftop in front of the Atlantic Ocean.
Blackhead Lighthouse: it was built in the mid-19th century. At that time Belfast was a major shipbuilding’s centre. Also RMS Titanic was built in Belfast!
0 #3 caterina 2014-10-23 11:51
The height of the building from wich to enjoyi very different wiews.

To change their function of guide in the sea and become a Holiday sites.

I'll prefere have a trip round more than one of them, and stay in the octagonal one only for one night.
0 #2 Francesco Arrighi 2014-10-22 09:30
1)Yes there is. The lighthouse is a tower and from the top we can to see a panoramic very nice . A bit as the view from"The Shard ". Both are turistic attractions.
2)The Irish Landmarks Trust restores historic buildings and converts them in holiday houses .Some of these buildings are lighthouses .
3)I would like to visit The Wicklow Head ligthhouse, because it has a old aspect, and it is near to Dublin .So I could to visit both.
4)I've never been in Ireland, but I think a ride along the coast, visiting these lighthouses, is a great holiday.
0 #1 Fabio Barsotti 2014-10-20 22:42
1) Both articles ("The View From The Shard" and "To The Lighthouse") deal with buildings that can be visited and be lived in. These buildings are touristic places with wonderful views around. Besides, both "The Shard" and lighthouses are tall buildings, like towers.
2) The Irish Landmarks Trust restores neglected historic buildings and converts them into holiday sites.
3) I would like to visit the Hook Head, a medieval building. The Hook Head Lighthouse dates back to the 13th century.
4) Sincerely no, I wouldn't. I would choose a different type of vacation. My ideal holiday destination is a great city, with its museums, its galleries, its parks, its historic buildings and its inhabitants.

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