Children and kids can’t work on the computer by themselves, that’s why we would be so pleased to welcome entire  families. Parents can evaluate what’s important and meaningful for their children; if you believe that English opens a perspective in your children’s life, be with us and start collaborating giving us any information we will be pleased to return with experience and advice. Start watching videos in English, cartoons, animated films, having games and books at home, read them, practice the language with humor and enjoy anything you can do with your children. Switch your technology to English. Try to involve friends and other families, the English speaking one has to be a community animated by friendship, a clever  group of people going to increase in number and quality performance. Offer your kids to play with us taking photographs, posting them on this site, consult it and see what happens from time to time.  

It’s so important nowadays for children to become capable to communicate the world wide, while adults can exploit it as an opportunity to fill a gap, to design a more varied future, keeping the pace with time. There are so many grandparents too who decide to study English to help their grandchildren at school; it’s important to be competent to be helpful with homework and to speak to the teachers. Find authentic environments where English is performed, offer them to your children as occasions to enlarge their mind and  their heart. There will be unexpected results, so positive for all of you, trust us.  

Own source photo: INFN Exibition "Balle di Scienza" Pisa 2013 Taken with INFN permission