This wish of ours to be helpful wherever there can be any need of English, is dedicated to Cinzia and her voice.

Thank you, Cinzia, you will be smiling and singing forever.


“She sang. There were those who used to sing to protect the Earth because they did understand that the Earth was all they had, and gave voice to this desire to communicate with the others and with Heaven.


These voices took the sound of the rustling leaves, the patter of the rain, the roar of the falls, the flowing of  the rivers, the volutes of the wind, the calls of the birds, born from inside as a harmony that every single moment can be generated because it is the life itself that asks to be created this way.

These chants rose up from one to another to climb to Heaven, asking him to take care of everybody’s home, the Earth. And it was an act of solidarity, because on the act of one, the belief, the song of one that began, the fate of all could depend. Heaven would accept the chant of one and the Earth was safe, and with her, the rhythms, the seasons, food, fertility and everybody's life.

She knew she had to protect life and for such a reason she sang. With no care by anyone you can’t live. Neither the Earth nor anyone. Sometimes you may think you can manage, but you might just want to avoid seeing what reality is, you don’t want to admit that loneliness is like someone saying "you do not exist" and it is not invisibility what we seek.

And then you hide, starting a life that is a cross between seeing and not being seen, you speak and you don’t know whether you’re there or not while you try to participate in life. If people look at you just passing to go further, if not one of the words of the others is for you, or if talking, meeting is only an attitude that says everyone is just on the surface of things, then you must try to understand what you can do to speak to the heart of the world, because you want to get to people's heart.

That's why she sang, because she knew how to get to people’s heart.  She felt that freedom matters more than anything else, you live for freedom and to make it alive inside yourself. Freedom is generous, and that’s why we have to be always on her side.  We are born out of freedom. And when we feel she’s threatened, then we want to protect her for our one too.


Then it’s time to give voice to her through us, harmony and melody, wings, when delicate to hover in the air, when elegant dwelling upon it, when bold and majestic, daring, strong, indomitable, to cleave storms since it is because of the courage to accept life and to live, that they take the strength to fight, to make choices, to love, to protect.

That's why she sang, giving freedom to those feelings that clung to her voice to escape the invisibility they were forced to by the indifference of all: in that voice there was the primordial purity of thought, that asks everybody with the innocence of a child to understand what this life of which each one makes experience is.

That singing then  was no longer only of her own, because in that voice they flowed swarms of thoughts, whispers, desires that could turn everything  into purity and freedom. They existed because it was enough to hear that voice to understand how they could show themselves; what is  valuable in one, if understood, if shared, becomes everyone’s so that when you turn to Heaven, the fate of all can be better.

And then, when she learned that her life would not be too long, she thought of what she could do to continue to protect freedom, the purity and beauty she knew, for which she sang, to continue protecting them also after her. Maybe she also thought of what would be left after her.  


Can a voice last? Can a voice become the caress to understand what the care, what  the need to bind to each other is, so that the feelings can migrate, follow the currents, the seasons, the rhythms of life and then be left to others?

Yes, a voice can. But how, if you know that your life is dying away?

So long she had been teaching to sing, and then she taught even better, knowing that our consciousness, our hope, our desires, our awareness can continue in others, if you believe it, and then it becomes the right way, just to be able to continue protecting the Earth and her children, our children, the only way for everyone to continue to turn to Heaven.


In order to give life to the others, to as many births as there are days we have been living on Earth, to as many births as there are times we can speak, times we can sing.

In all honesty I do not know when it was the last time she sang; I know she wanted the music all around her all time. I remember so many years ago we sang together for our children, for a celebration at the end of their two years of kindergarden that did move whoever was there. I still have the recording of us singing.

She and her voice were wonderful as usual and I did just want to understand what singing could be, if I myself could give voice to happiness. We did it together, and after that, more celebrations, parties, to continue the journey of friendship and happiness. Years later, to an invitation to celebrate another wonderful voice that had left with courage a very young son, her singing responded with the beauty that only modesty can generate.

And so, on that day when we gave her a final farewell, she surprised us with her students singing her freedom, to thank life, and she was smiling with us.

She sings. Now her voice is the rustling of the leaves, the patter of the rain, the roar of the falls, the flow of the rivers, the spirals of the wind, the calls of the birds, but most of all it is the voice of those who believe in beauty and freedom the way she did.

Now, every time we want to protect the Earth, every time we want to speak to Heaven, whenever we want to teach what beauty and freedom are, what living is, that life needs us to live, doing it seriously as she did, we can sing with her and it will be for all the children on the Earth, each time those around us, multiplied for all the times there will be children with us.

Try to listen, try to sing, trust life, you will feel that you may be able to give voice to life and freedom, the same, unique voice, always singing with her”.  


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