Being a Reporter

This is the easiest way to contribute as a dot with your dots: wherever you go, carry a camera  with you, and take photographs. You always have a phone also for pictures, haven’t you?   Then, send them  to our photo gallery, with your comments, telling us the related anecdote or just impressions. It will become a dotted wall of memories thanks to the time we spend together.  

In the past walls used to frame social life, that  was alive inside the cities; on the walls there was and there still is memory of time.  Walls have on themselves tattoos of the cities, they can be different faces of the same place. Giving a dotted identity to our blog on a wall is creativity, fantasy, joy, pleasure, but it is also written practice if you want to describe them, since you have to be formally correct, consistent, cohesive, coherent and concise.

Every time you will see that your awareness will increase through observation, writing, reading; if you practice, time after time, your English will improve. Measurable objectives. What’s the point then? It is to love what you do and the reasons why you do it, being deeply aware of them and having the possibility to share anything you deeply love with people you love just as them. And everybody will see what happens.

Own source photos: English in the Open Air Labs - Welcoming Mediterranean Cruise Passengers, Piazza del Municipio, Livorno,  Summer 2017

Photos taken with all pupil's parents' written permission