How we can keep in touch

On this space whenever you like.

Via email, mobile phone, Skype. We we like responding to enquiries, questions, being present any time there is a need of us, and we are always very pleased to answer.

Moreover, it will be a pleasure seeing you participate and reply. The idea of dots getting together is attractive, and it’s unpredictable what the image in progress can be, all the dots together day by day, changeable images thanks to each one’s contribution. New constellations to create our new Universe.

We would like you and us to design something beautiful and meaningful, something of yours and ours to be shared by any other who wishes, the way we do, that our number can increase, and so the ideas with the light they produce.  

Own source photo: English Open Air Labs - Welcoming Mediterranean Cruise Passengers, Piazza del Municipio Livorno, Summer 2016 

Photos taken with all pupils' parents' written permission