What we can do Together

Studying, practicing, communicating, spreading English – and any other language -  wherever  it’s possible, that’s so easy, and up to you to decide the best way; here we are, ready to reply both in writing and speaking.

Communication is vitality and life, and you have to think of what life is according to you; maybe you have ideas you would like to share, something you dare calling a dream, a wish to make. There might be problems with your English that made you find this website: there are times in which things are not well approached, but reversely they are just opportunities to find even better solutions, and what you have to do is just being convinced that the more you become competent in English the better it is, mainly for you and your future.

Believe it or not, bilingual people are more open, more tolerant, more mature because of having inside themselves the comparison between different realities, different perceptions, the possibility to share  and understand what diversity can be.

They become more intelligent, capable of processing data, information, which is quite useful as a resource to be spent the way you decide for the future you are designing for you and the others.   

Anything we can do here together  has to be aimed at formal correctness as a result of the skills you developed acquiring English. Wouldn’t you like Italy more if it were a bilingual country? What would Italy be like if it were a bilingual country? We all spend so many years studying English at school, it might be that integrating and enhancing school programs,  with the leaving school diploma we could even perform a better English. 

Own source photo taken at ITI G Galilei Livorno, English Labs 

Photos aken with all pupils' parents' written permission