What's important in your life? What do you believe in? We do believe that a second Language is the great opportunity to build the self, to wonder again about the entire Multiverse, not Universe anymore, you know; it is a vehicle to transfer meanings, the ones we consider important to be shared.

Acquiring a Language is not just a matter of mere technique, it also involves our expectations as humane  - not human any more, recent coinage - beings, our wishes for the future, it’s the opportunity to become open minded, it’s an investment in the world itself, that despite anything you may think is wrong, it’s waiting for you to contribute to its improvement. It’s always possible, believe that. Has there been an evolution? That’s why we are here, then contribute, start straight away, feel as an essential  part of a long term project all the time surrounding you, let your enthusiasm be infectious every single moment a day. 

We do believe that it would be much better for each one of us spending time studying, acquiring knowledge and building things we could share, instead of fighting to privilege just a few against all the others; better acquiring the tools to be autonomous, cognitively independent and capable to cope with the complexity of the world, this very little planet of ours to respect and leave improved.

Thank you Earth for giving us such an opportunity, but so many, too many people are really penalized, it shouldn’t be. Let’s work together for any little possible improvement.  

Tessera plus tessera makes a mosaic, it could also be a beautiful one thanks to everybody’s contribution. Be generous of yourself, you and everybody will see how splendid it is being the way we wish to be. 

Own source photo: "Livorno from the boat", English in the Open Air Labs, Summer 2016