Why such a Website?

This is a site for English open lessons, a home for whoever thinks that wherever English is spoken you can feel at home.

Nowadays English can be the very common language for each one’s future. Trying to share what we have in common foreshadowing the future, makes all of us equal. That’s what we want to be.

We are going to use English, but please do not hesitate to write in Italian in case you need it. We do like both, Italian and English. At this stage of our work we have to design a frame but, to speak the truth, we love languages, all the identities the languages carry with themselves, so that you can definitely be sure that any other language will be very welcome, like whoever speaks it. 

We are long experienced TEFL teachers of English and we know very well that comprehension, meaning both, the written and the aural one, can be higher than production; it means that maybe you can comprehend and not yet be capable of replying correctly in English, but feel confident very soon you will. 

Try to make an advantage from participating in our initiatives. You and your English  will improve. If you are already fluent, you too can improve, as a person, offering your competence to the others. We would appreciate so much if you gave us contributions as ideas, topics, projects, voluntary work. We want to develop and grow, we need help.

We are deeply convinced that acquiring English and working as a team, establishing and consolidating a net of people determined in qualifying themselves as competent, communicative English speakers, will contribute to the improvement of our whole country, adding to our personal and national identity the international one capable of enriching any professional and human field we are going to work in. 

Please, have a look at the whole web site and send us straight away your opinions, comments, experiences; we do like studying any data and make a proper use of them, to better functionalize everything towards common objectives.

Own source photo: English in the Open Air Labs - Welcoming Mediterranean Cruise Passengers, Piazza del Municipio, Livorno - Summer 2015.

Photos taken with all pupils' parents written permission