The Universe

We felt enchanted while visiting the exposition held in Pisa in 2012 by the INFN, the Italian “Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare”.  A Universe speaking with the voice of a boy, that is to say growing, being conscious of what we belong to, the Universe, that makes all of us equal, a feeling we would like to spread through English, having something remarkable to appreciate, understand and spread all over, both the Universe and English.

The subject and the vehicle to master it, identifying  each time single dots, all of them to be reunited into a Universe, maybe starting again from an invisible Higgs' boson to create new ones, for you know that nowadays physicists speak about Multiverse, not just Universe any more.

That’s why we also thought to adopt the figurative language related to the Universe, inside and outside each one of us, to invite you to participate in this project, so many dots to be connected, according to each one’s wish.

Each person as a Universe because of the one inside ourselves, and then his/her own one outside, the Universe of School, the Universe of  Sport e.g., of Cinema, Music, creating  a Multiverse thanks to everybody’s contribution. What is your Universe then?  Let us know, we would be so happy to know it. 

The photos of the home page were taken at the interactive installation “Il dono della massa”, the gift of the mass, held in Modena in September  2012 at the Philosophy Festival by the INFN. We want to thank them for the permission to use these pictures here: in a figurative way they represent what happens when particles interact with the Higgs' boson’s field. They acquire a mass from not having one, they become real, they start existing. The same can happen to us: at the very beginning nothing exists, but, the more you design your path, the more there’s vitality, the more there is interaction between what surrounds you and the field you can generate like the Higgs' boson, the more anything you like can acquire a mass.

It happened at the very beginning of the Universe, and it can happen  all the times we want things to become real. Creating Universes, getting results, little visible masses to be assembled together in order to have something new.

An interaction between ourselves, our will, our vitality, a Higgs' boson, a dot, and anything else we can come across. Depending on our field, what was invisible just a blink of an eye before, can get a mass, become real and visible, measurable and why not, also memorable. If we believe it, if we behave to make it happen in each one’s surrounding one square meter, it’s a change, just the very beginning of a Multiverse, so many dots together to be connected and reveal something new.

As a visible gift, let’s give a mass, a body, to desires, wishes, purposes, aims, good wills, the way you become visible walking through the space of the stage into the installation: starting from something indefinite, unrecognizable, just dots, your body can finally be shaped, and so your English can allow you to perform your new identity, make you become a human being, well, even more than that, humane. There's great need of so many.  

Source: Poster of the INFN Exibition