Where we can Meet

We can take classes all over Italy, we like travelling and visiting you, your school, your class, your headmistress/mister, your company, and decide  with you how English can be highlighted as a vehicle for communication. A proper flow-chart can be designed, objective per objective.

One more identity that goes to be added to the first one/other ones we have.

English is home wherever you go, it offers you opportunities all over the world, speaking the same language makes all of us equal.

It's fascinating how English is spoken the world over in so many different ways, a vehicle for all the different meanings we want to communicate.

Own source photo: Open English Lab, Matinée at the Railway Station, Livorno, Summer 2017

Photos taken with all pupil's parents' and Centostazioni, Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane's written permission on 26/06/2017