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after posting articles about films, Gravity won seven Academy Awards; we would also like to celebrate the Italian one, with The Great Beauty, by Film Director Paolo Sorrentino.  


We haven't watched it  yet, since we would like to do it the way Americans did, with English subtitles.  Below you have the link for the English trailer, on Youtube. It' important listening to the original audio of each film, and compare the two productions simultaneously, an ability you can develop thanks to just watching films and that can be of benefit in any other field. 

It would be so great of you writing your own comment about the film, there are so many different impressions!

Enjoy cinema, enjoy English, practice it as much as possible, go to the cinema as often as you can!

Karall: thank you for your articulated comment. We do agree the award has been also for Rome, that plays an extraordinary fascination on American people and whoever all over the world. If you were a student in class, there would be occasions for mastering grammar and sentence constraction. At this very stage, communication works and mistakes do not impoede comprehension.

Rimas: we do adore visual language too, and any others. Thank you for highlighting how important it is to perceive all possible languages a film works on. The more we become aware of our perceptions, the more we can appreciate art.

Eleonora: going to the cinema is fundamental, but in order to appreciate the quality of a film, I would say the inner disposition is important too. It's not the case of the great beauty, that's in Italian, but sometimes if you want to watch a film in its original language, you have to choose for a DVD or otherwise. 


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0 #6 Eleonora 2016-02-14 11:50
Unfortunately I saw the film only on TV, not at the cinema. I loved it very much. I think it represent very well our Italy of today, in particular Rome, with its beauties and contradictions. Images and music are so beautiful and suggestive. The movie show how life can become full of empty things, petty and sad despite richness and beauty outside.
0 #5 2014-11-09 23:19
Truly when someone doesn't be aware of afterward its up to other visitors that they will assist, so here it occurs.
0 #4 Rimas 2014-04-21 18:23
I saw five times in the theatre because kept taking friends to see it: it is one certainly in my personal list of greatest films ever made: most critics viewers have seen only once, but when this film is viewed by serious cineastes and creatives multiple times, I'm convinced - as was the case with Apocalypse Now and other great films - that its reputation will grow. Then, the images do more than register as images - one sees how Sorrentino has brilliantly created a visual language to capture the movements of Jep's mind as his muse slowly, inexorably forces him back to his creative work. It's a stunning achievement, imho
0 #3 Karall 2014-03-11 10:13
I conclude with my concerns.
I do not completely clear the intensive use of the nude, both male and female, in my opinion could be limited to a smaller number of sequences.
Perhaps likely, this film, appearing as a "postcard". Where some prejudices about Italy are confirmed, but I hope it's just a personal fear.
+1 #2 Karall 2014-03-11 10:12
Sorrentino enriches all of this with a well-constructed screenplay and dialogues never elementary.
Reflective scenes in which it is made to kneel the Italian Catholic Church, played by a cardinal who flees to some questions reflective of the protagonist to try skunks with some ladies.
Humor and genius move the protagonist in 142 minutes on an inner journey to full consciousness of himself and of what he has surrounded himself.
The great beauty is our Italy.
Wonderful in our eyes and those of any foreigner. Italy such as Rome, with shots, photography and camera movements to move and to touch anyone.
An Italy where the crisis is one of the people more than the economy.
+1 #1 Karall 2014-03-11 10:12
What is really “the great beauty”?
Something fugitive. Something that, as the horizon, it is a step back every time we try to grasp it.
Sorrentino's film won the Oscar for the film's most coveted not product in America, "the great beauty" is something that is sought but not once grasped.
These are about the words of the protagonist in the final part of the film. He says heartbroken, almost desolate, though not completely given up.
An interpretation exceptional Servillo which, according to my deserved recognition of his own.
He interprets a journalist sixty-five who has not had the career he deserved, surrounded by rich people who he describes exactly how the fauna and nothing.

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