Good morning,'afternoon, ' evening, 


Do you like chocolate? How often do you eat it? 


Today we want to talk about chocolate from two completely different points of view.  The first one is seeing chocolate as an addiction. It is the angle of this text book we coped with in class.


Grammar practice  is about phrasal verbs. In these two paragraphs they are quite easy to learn and memorize. 


Do you know any other type of addiction? 


This page made us think about a reverse side of a habit we can develop without thinking of how cocoa is harvested to make chocolate.


Not that you have to be a chocoholic to know about that. It's just information, very important to acquire in order to start viewing chocolate also in a different way.  


If you like having  information about it do not hesitate to watch this documentary on Youtube, 


We do think there's so much to know about other any reverse side of what we can easily perceive. We continue to ignore so many areas of the world and the peoples who live there. Maybe being informed makes the difference, and each one of us, in his square meter can behave differently. Check also how chocolate is produced from now on.

Thank you Silvia for coming to class with  one more side of it! Good news, fair trade!


We invite you to write your comment about any type of addiction you may know, and how we could get rid of the "addiction" of seeing people not equal. 


What is the role of chocolate in our life? How can we consider it? Food? Nourishment? Have you ever visited a Chocofestival?


Let us know and describe it. 


See you soon in class,

Anna - Coordinator


Source: First Certificate Masterclass, Oxford University Press, 2008 and Youtube  


Thank you Cristina, Silvia, Marco and Sergio.

It seems chocolate is quite an interesting and delicious topic!

Any food when tracked back tells us so much about our history, civilization, and also unfortunately about people' exploitation. But definetely each one of us can make the difference choosing what's best each single time. 

No wine with chocolate? It might be Porto or Marsala you say, Sergio?

I do think we should organize a proper celebration to see how well they match.

Next time I'm coming to class with chocolate, let's see what happens then!

Paola: thank you for the speech you delivered in class, Paola. Communication was perfect. Just something to change, e.g. when I was seven, I used to go to...; hot chocolate was served to the children who...; after listening to....whoever would like to/likes/wants... 

I'm expecting some chocolate to be again in class then!

See you there, 







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0 #9 Francesco stecca 2016-12-10 13:00
When j got on my mind chocolate j remember a French movie from the Britain writers Joanne Harris.
It was 1959 in the little French village "lasquenet" one women with her daughter arrived in a cold winter's morning in the village and decided to open a chocholate shop.
The Major of the village and a lot of village's people made contest and tried to get closed the chocolate shop.
0 #8 Francesco stecca 2016-12-10 10:13
When j got on my mind chocolate j remember a French movie from the Britain writers Joanne Harris.
It was 1959 in the little French village "lasquenet" one women with her daughter arrived in a cold winter morning in the village and decided to open a chocholate shop.
The Major of the village and a lot of village's people made contest and tried to get closed the chocolate shop.
0 #7 Paola Bongini 2016-02-15 10:21
I love chocolate,but I'm not addicted and I thinck that chocolate is a delight for children.I remember that, when I was six or seven often I have been present at birthday parties of my peers and to the children,who had to stand all sitting at the table,was served in big cups hot chocolate accompanied by various kinds of biscuits.Nowadays habits have changed:children and young people generally prefer to celebrate their festivals with games and music, eating potato chips cornflakes and drinking coke.I like cooking and expecially on Saturday night I make a nice dinner where I can not miss a chocolate dessert. My dear friend Ketty,of Perivian origin, gave me the recipe for a delicious cake made with chocolate, coconut and nuts. Who, after listening to my short relationship would like to taste a slice of this cake,come forward!
0 #6 sergio 2015-12-15 13:28
second part
The sommelier’s qualities consist to have a good knowledge of wines in all the world and to be able to taste and value the color, the odor and flavor so to recognizing qualities and defects so as to indicate the best combinations with various foods.
A curiosity about chocolate and wine is that there is not a wine that can be right match with chocolate. In fact, the particular flavor of chocolate and especially its long lasting aroma make it hard every match, except for distillates such as rum or cognac. Although, recently, someone said to be possible to approach wines like Marsala or Porto.
0 #5 sergio 2015-12-15 13:27
I like chocolate and I often eat it especially during the winter. I love those moments when we meet around a steaming mug of hot chocolate.
But my real passion is not the chocolate but the wine.
I’m not a drunkard ….I am a sommelier.
I like wine as I like food; we can’t enjoy a good meal without the rich match with a good wine.
The story of the evolution of the foods and wines is the history of the humanity and its evolution.
When I was young my father had got a vineyard so I learned to make wine, I understood how it is difficult and complex to produce a good wine and how work and experience are necessary to do something really good.
After this my wine marker experience I attended a course to became a sommelier. A course on three livels and with some very difficult exams.
0 #4 2014-03-19 03:50
Hi, its pleasant article about media print, we
all be aware of media is a wonderful source of information.
0 #3 Marco Mostardi 2014-02-07 16:51
I agree with Silvia. People has the power, and consumers too. We can make the difference! Today I've bought fair trade chocolate and now I'm enjoying a chocolate cube! Actually there isn't a wide choice of fair trade chocolate but if we change our habits, there will be many kind of fair trade chocolate. If you're interested in this topic please visit the following website
0 #2 Silvia 2014-01-31 16:11
Cocoa is a great food for all people of all ages thanks to its well-known components that nourish the body and especially the mind, promoting good mood and concentration. Unfortunately it's also a source of material wealth for a few people (cocoa-producing countries and multinational confectioneries) that overwork local manpower and often children. I love chocolate in all its variations and sweets in general so when I buy them I choose those products that support fair trade.
0 #1 Cristina Gianfaldoni 2014-01-26 10:11
I'm not chocoholics but maybe I'm becoming. In fact, when I feel down, anxious, depressed, angry about unresolved issues, chocolate and coffee become a major source of lifting my mood. The optimum: not to eat chocolate but to go for a walk in a relaxing place and also listening to music. Walking alone can be a great pleasure and it offer the opportunity for meditation. Eating chocolate can make you fat!

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