English Generation

Good morning, afternoon, evening, 

we are going to update you all about what English Generation is.

Can you guess the double meaning of the expression? 

Please write it down as a comment.

For you to know, it is Stage Two of our project with teenagers at school. 

We would like to thank all of those who worked hard the whole Summer at ITIS Galilei Livorno with Summer English courses. Have a look at their website, www.galileilivorno.it  

We encouraged students to train their English the way they do with sports. The more you train, the better your results are. Perfectly comprehensible and pursued, it worked very well.

Enthusiasm and vitality, more competence, the true beginning of bilingualism, English-Italian.  

Everybody enjoyed all the activities of the courses, including "English in the open air".  

To acquire a language what's important is "to behave" the language, being active, dynamic while performing.

We watched films, documentaries, we wrote dialogues, talked about cool T shirts' writings students wore, we competed with scrambled words, had parties. All the activities were successful, integrated by grammar all the times it was necessary.

So much kindness by English speaking  Mediterranean cruise passengers, visiting Livorno and meeting us; so much beauty was unexpected.

Very gentle people, all the possible accents of Great Britain, any age, all of them curious to know why all those young Italian people were there to meet them on a hot Summer day. We took hundreds of pictures all the Summer and students edited a video.  www.galileilivorno.it 

It would be nice hearing from you, having a comment about what the double meaning of English Generation is, if there's more than one. 

Working with so many teenagers has been stimulating; teenagers are clever, tenacious, full of interests, hardworking, collaborative, serious, creative, competent when properly stimulated. Now it's time to organize all our activities and courses and to continue on the web too. 

Enjoy your English, read, watch movies, talk, listen to English speaking people and write.

Anna - Coordinator 

Sources: photos taken by Coordinator with the Institute, students and families' written permission. 



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Outstanding post but I was wondering iif you could write a litte more on this topic?
I'd be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further.

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