Freedom Vs war

A friend to me 


Freedom is  a friend to me.

She gave me fairy tales

to get to know her,

the conscience to understand her,

the sentiment for loving her,

the truth to look for her,

the will to create her,

the generosity to offer her.

You are dear to me deep down, freedom.


Think of freedom


Think of freedom, the oceans,

the heavens, the vast estuaries,

the immense snowfields

that make you feel 

sick of nostalgia, the wings

of those who fly, the love for life.


Think of freedom, the universes,

the  journey of the man who carries them 

within himself, the suns, the words

that like the exstinguished stars

continue their light

with life within us.


Good morning, afternoon, evening everybody, 

we thought that our way to "fight" war from here, is to make feelings of freedom grow within us, share and offer them. 


Anna - Coordinator - Own source



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I dont think so

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