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                                                                                 Good morning, afternoon, evening, 

we thought we could wish everybody a happy new year with images referring to our new projects. 

You might already know how much we love the open air as the proper environment to perform activities, laboratories, to share meaningful experiences. If you visit the blog you can verify by yourselves that, as English teachers, we love staying outside and encourage students to practice the language meeting English speakers, like Mediterranean Cruise Passengers, the way it used to happen in the past. 

Due to the significant transformations occurred to our habits because of the pandemic, we thought auspicious in the meantime organizing laboratories in places where it can be allowed to attend activities, namely the open air, in the charming Tuscan countryside. 

That's why the property with plenty of land where our association, Eurocontact Plus APS, has its headquarters, is being greatly reorganized, since laboratories for whoever likes being entartained outdoor while improving their skills are going to be offered to spend time with amiable animals, learning to respect what makes all of us part of the same environment, this very little planet that first needs to be better known to be protected. 

We'll offer hospitality, including refreshments with local food, walks along stimulating itineraries, the possibility to spend also the night in a welcoming environment, but mainly the chance to be fascinated the way we are, by the surroundings with their inhabitants, both two and four legged. 

As you can see from the photos  on the first of January there was an enchanting rainbow, we like thinking as auspicious for our new projects. In the distance there is the stable where three days after, they found their first shelter three young calves, our very dear new friends, that will populate this land and give us the opportunity to enjoy their company for as long as they live. A new little lamb was born just two hours before we visited some friends, who live nearby and own so many other animals, on the very first day of the year. 

We are deeply convinced that it's time to restart from all very little things, up to us to decide which one comes first. We chose those nearest to us as a new beginning. 

Will you join us? We'll keep you informed about any development we are working on. 

Any questions?  Do not hesitate to ask, it will be a pleasure to respond.

Anna - Coordinator

Photos: own source


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