Good morning, afternoon, evening everybody, 

hard times to live, good way starting any single day from very little things, those we have to take care of for us and the others.

We thought bread can be both, food and figurative meaning, inviting all of us to go back and find out why we started eating it and if we can find nowadays some similar reasons to start again something as valuable as it was and still is. 

Read the article and practice your English, make an advantage of these hard times to train and improve yourselves. We'll see how we'll be allowed to spend new skills to make them rise environment, lifestyles, behaviour, feelings. 


Questions to reply

What is role played by bread in your daily life?

Does bread play a different role at people's home these days? 

Are you familiar with making it?

Any special types as your favourite ones?

Any special bakery you want to describe?


Enjoy your English and anything else that can be helpful to make you "rise". 

Anna - Coordinator - Source: Speak Up October 2020


0 #1 Mattwei77PekZQ 2021-01-31 20:15
Трастовый портал, перейдя на который вы сможете прочитать о том, что такое Обшивная доска своими руками.
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