Team spirit coping with the emergency

Good morning, afternoon, evening, 

this emergency made us face such a new reality that we won't ever be the same as before. There are uncountable stories that could be told.

I chose a collective one.

On February 29 Castelsangiovanni Hospital in Piacenza became the first to be wholly dedicated to patients with Coronavirus.

Using heparin at high doses, they could have both effects: reduce inflammation of the lungs and avoid intravasal coagulation of pulmonary capillaries. With just the oxigen, there is no chance to have it into the blood. Administering heparin, the pulmonary circulation is less thrombotic and the damage is reduced.

After a first hospital so many others started the same treatment with due authorizations, and mortality decreased. In South America too the success of the treatment has been very remarkable. 

After meeting so many years ago with the common interest for the English language as a professional tool to be used in conferences, I recently had the chance to be helpful translating the study protocol written by the doctor who perceived by intuition how heparin could be useful with his patients at Castelsangiovanni Hospital in such an emergency.

It's due to the dedication of so many doctors and healthcare professionals, that so many patients could survive, experiences worth being listened to.

Now we are going to collect them, in order to publish on-line graded ebooks for students of English, to combine, share and spread language and experience and entirely improve, as students paying attention to the special time we are living, as human beings to what this special time is asking us to learn and do, for possible future advantages, having in loving memory those who didn't make it.  

If you have any stories, we will welcome them here, replying with interest. 

Anna - Coordinator

Source: photographs available on the Internet, received by the protagonists themselves as documentation and updating.      


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