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Rita, Rossella, Antonella, Laura, Denise, Monica, Lorenzo, Massimo, Rossella, Lorenzo, Sergio, Marco, Alessia, Monica, 

we can say that this article is connected with the special days we are living because being helpful is a behaviour that today we appreciate even more than usual. 

While staying at home, respecting all the rules we are asked to, you can keep up with your English trying to dedicate a few minutes every day to this useful task. 

This article is very easy, and you have here two exercises.

The first is replying to four questions after reading the article:  

1. What are charity shops? 

2. What can you buy in these shops?

3. Who works in charity shops? 

4. How much money do people in London give to charity every year? 


The second exercise is to find only one word with the same meaning of the following sentences

1. Give money or things to help a  charity organization.

2. Someone who works to help people without getting paid. 

3. Heat water so that it becomes gas. 

4. Give money to support someone, an organization or an event. 

Write your answers as a comment below, I will reply. 

You can also try to describe your days, using present simple for habits.

It will be a pleasure reading anything you want to write. 

Anna - Coordinator 

Source: Speak Up, March 2020 Issue  


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