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Ludovica, Federico, Cristiano, Lapo, Linda, Oswaldo, Giacomo, Ginevra, Matteo, Simone, Giulia, Gabriele, Geraldine, Vittorio, Fiorisa and everybody, 

on February 14 we started this new course, Freedom with English, you as ITIS Livorno's students at school, this year too before the Open Air English Labs. 

What is the point of connecting Freedom with English? Each one might find a different answer, one is to aknowledge that speaking languages makes you more perceptive, capable of stating what you believe in, what you want to share and spread, allows you to be connected with open issues. 

But as you readers for sure already know, all teaching activities in Italy have been suspended, schools are closed because of the necessity to interrupt the so far spreading of the Coronavirus infection. No contact among people, no assembling anywhere, Italian people are obliged to stay at home and willingly or not, to re-set up all their life and time. 

Quite paradoxically, we could try to find a positive angle to consider this time unexpectedely given to us and to be exploited in order to find ourselves improved when it's time to restart working, going to school, attending all our activities.

That is to say that you're warmly invitated to practice languages, and I use the plural because you can write your comments here in all the languages you know, including Italian. Nowadays there are so many students in Italian schools coming from abroad, who do need to get command of their new country's language. The country that will be theirs, with full nationality.

That's why our teaching classes recently have often turned into bilingual classes, two intertwinning languages, English and Italian, keeping alive the interest for both of them also for those who are Italian. Ours is a language to master, that reveals itself so rich expecially when aimed at making another language comprehended.  

These days we might find insights useful to be adopted later in continuing improving everyone's job, since what we know for sure is that improving is what our lives have to tend to.


What are your days like in this emergency?

What's happening as new experiences? 

How can you manage organizing yourselves with your studies?

What about the use of technology with your teachers?

And with your friends? 

Let us know, it will be a pleasure reading you. We'll reply.  


Anna - Coordinator

Photos taken with all students' parents' permission. 


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