Superb Mark Knopfler in Lucca

Hi there,  how is it going your Summer? 


Either you're on holiday or not, wherever you are, it is always a pleasure keeping in touch and sharing experiences.

Lucca Summer Festival is undoubtedly a series of remarkable musical events. You may know that Lucca itself is one of the most visited cities in Tuscany by foreigners. Mediterranean cruise passengers who go there after they disembark in Livorno, already wonder at its sourrounding walls just seeing its map.

Adding good music means getting quite a stunning result. 

Why Mark Knopfler?

It was long ago when, starting making videos, I had to decide which soundtrack might suit best my first one.

My choice fell on Telegraph Road, 14'15'', from the album Love Over Gold. Guitar and vocals Mark KnopflerDire Straits as a band at that time. Does anybody remember them?


Unmistakable guitar his one, liquid, so it was called. More and more mature its sound now. What an alchemy his voice and the so many guitars he played!

A unique band too, all of them multi-instrumentalists. Superb performance by all of them, about fifteen musicians playing forty eight instruments, all of them capable of mesmerizing you, just as you would like to feel all the time, always.

Looking around at the expressions of the so many people gathered together there, you could see no worries, no preoccupations,  just enjoyment.  More generations joined by excellent music. 

Everybody seemed to have their expectations finally met by talent, music, art, embodied before their eyes by someone so generous of all of them.   

Can't we do something like that too?

Maybe just enjoying art, developing perceptions, becoming aware of the new feelings it can produce, keeping and sharing memories might be a simple way to contribute to a better future, to a better quality of time, present and future. 

A large thank you to the very kind young man whose name I don't know, who sent me the photographs you can see here, to those who gave me the chance to share a talk before the concert, whose comments I'm waiting for here. 

They will be of stimulus to my students, in future nice occasions.  

By the way, can you guess what the second image is?  

Want to reply?  It will be a pleasure reading you. 

Enjoy your Summer, enjoy your English 

Paolo: thank you for your appreciated comment Paolo, I won't miss re-listening to Sultans of Swing, next time we'll ask Mark Knopflet to play it for us Italians loving it. 


Anna - Coordinator



0 #1 PaoloG 2019-07-18 22:24
Hi Anna. Here is the young man who shared his photos with you. It was a pleasure for me!
I completely agree ! The concert was absolutely fantastic. It was the first time for me to see Mark Knopfler live after long time spent in waiting for a show close enough to the place I live. The only regret was not to hear from his guitar the notes of Sultans of Swing, the song which mesmerized me for quite a lot...
Anyway, thank you for sharing with me your blog! It's very nice!
Wish you all the best

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