Soft skills at work


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since success at work also depends on a series of skills quite difficult to be defined, we are going to deal with them.

With this page we continue talking about our professions.

What do you mainly like of your job?

Which task do you think you fulfill best?

What is the role played by other people in jour job? 

What skills do you appreciate more in other people? 

How can they be correlated to the goals targeted in rheir and your job?

Read the pages of this article and come to class ready to speak about them, comparing your ideas with those of your mates.

Try to broaden your reflextions as much as possible and in case you can write them as a comment here before that.

These are aspects of our jobs for long time undervaluated, while they are fundamental in building up that "soft" complexity that reveals itself being a resource noy only for our job, but for life too. 


Let us know and never forget to enjoy your English 


Anna - Coordinator 

Source: Speak Up April 2019 



0 #5 Federica 2019-05-26 17:09
Nowadays somebody begins to tell about “artificial empathy” because the studies of social robotic and its applications in our lives are improving. Some days ago I read an article about the book titled “Essay on artificial empathy”, written by Paul Dumouchel, philosopher at Ritsumeikan University of Kyoto, and Luisa Damiano, professor of philosophy of science at University of Messina. The authors try to answer to this question: Is it possible to set up our emotions on the robot? The answer will be able “yes”, but we’ll have to study very hard the functioning of human mind to create an empathetic android that doesn’t seem too much a computer.
I don’t know what you think about it; personally, I found it a little disquieting.
0 #4 Federica 2019-05-26 17:08
Our teacher asked us to write something about the concept of “intelligence”: this is what I think about it.
Intelligence is the ability that our mind has to think and elaborate theoretical concepts from observing reality. This skill allows us to adapt ourselves to space around.
But I also think that you could call intelligence the ability to understand the frame of mind of other people only seeing some their behaviors or reactions to the facts. The intelligence could involve emotions and, in this case, you can call it “empathy”.
During last century some scientists tried to get computer to do many human functions to improve human life, so they studied the way which the calculator analyzed some data and decided what to do in that case. This is called “artificial intelligence”.
0 #3 Federica 2019-05-06 19:01
#1 I'm sorry: "I have a coordination and supervision role of the other's jobs" (not people!)
0 #2 Federica 2019-05-06 18:58
As in work so in life some features qualified as “soft skills” are very important to be social and polite: listening the ideas of other people without trying to be always right or communicating our thinking in clear language make us very civil people and the consideration that others have about us becomes better.
And what about the skill that allows us to bear the stress caused by personal troubles?
0 #1 Federica 2019-05-06 18:57
Reading of the article made me think if I have sufficient soft skills in my job. I work in a team, even if I have a coordination and supervision role of the other’s people. Knowledge of subject matter is the feature of my job that I like more than other and I try to deepen a topic as much as possible to finding out the best solution among those identified. So, I can say that my main soft skill is “problem solving”.
I’m less good in people coordination and it happens sometimes that I have communication flaws: this leads me to work as if I were alone and to do the work of the other people. I’m aware that this is one of my weaknesses and I’m trying to improve it. I absolutely know that working in team is the most appreciated soft skill in our job, so I must do everything is possible to achieve this target.

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