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and Federica, Silvia, Loretto, Mirella, Daniele, Elisa, 

you have plenty of work to do here, if you like.

You can read about the very first sections of the "Museo della Città", in Livorno, and do your PET practice tests, Reading and writing, reading part 5, Writing part 1, finding the right order of the pages that unfortunately have no number, but it shouldn't be too difficult finding it.  

In addition, there are a few pages written by ITI G. Galilei Livorno's students when asked to connect the words on top of the pages about Europe, and to answer the following questions you too can reply to:

1. What is there in Livorno that can be of European interest? Think of European people coming to visit Livorno. What would you suggest them to visit to feel in Europe here too?

2. Use the 24 different languages of the EU to express a few basic ideas, such as "bravo", "you can do better", "sorry, I can't understand", "by heart". Make your research with a mate at home and we will trust you, since we cannot check  all European languages.

3. What is a tradition? When is it that a tradition becomes such?

4. Can you see any tradition in Livorno that might be of European interest?   

Leave comments and answers, enjoy your English, come back to visit us. 

Federica: thank you for your contribution. We'll read your comments in class. Livorno and painters, what a beautiful identity to master for our city!

Silvia: Livorno and music, definetely our city deserves much more attention and appreciation than it has! We could go and visit it in English, as an open class! Would you do it?  

Anna - Coordinator 

Own source PET Material plus ITI G. Galilei Livorno's students writings  


0 #4 Silvia 2019-04-02 14:23
Having to suggest to European people what to visit in the city of Livorno, I would propose a tour in the center to see the Cathedral in the big square, the monument of the four Moors in front of the port, then the church of the Rescue in the beautiful Victory square,then I would also suggest visiting the old and the new Fortress. Characteristic of Livorno is the Mascagni terrace with beautiful sea view,nearby you can also visit the Aquarium; another important place for this city is the Naval Academy and the beautiful waterfront up to Antignano. Keeping in mind my passion for the music, I would take these tourists to visit too the Pietro Mascagni Institute of Music Studies.
0 #3 Federica 2019-03-31 20:18
If you like, we will speak about the PET practice test in class.
See you soon.
0 #2 Federica 2019-03-31 20:16
Then, the history learn us that Livorno has ever been opened to different cultures: Jewish people is a significant part of Livorno’s residents and they have a beautiful place of worship, rebuilt recently after the Second World War, which destroyed the old synagogue. Many sacred art objects are conserved in Jewish Museum Yeshivà Marini, in the centre of the city.
Finally, from the architectural point of view, European people should visit the “Mercato delle vettovaglie”, also named “Mercato centrale”: it is one of the most interesting building of the city, built on 18th century. Inside of it, tourist can meet much traditional food of Livorno.
0 #1 Federica 2019-03-31 20:15
Even if Livorno isn’t a classical art city, like Pisa or Firenze, it offers many place of interest that could be visited by European tourists. If I were a guide tourist, I would like to show places less known instead of the Old Fortress, the Four Moors statue or the “Ditches”. For example, some of most famous painters, belonged to Macchiaioli, were born in Livorno and here there is a Museum, in Villa Mimbelli, dedicated to them. These paintings should be considered as valuable as those painted by the French Impressionists, therefore I think that the Museum should enter in a tourist path of Livorno. Also the museum located in Bottini dell’Olio deserves a visit.

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