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we did not spend the night there, but the visit to the "Museo della Città" in Livorno was exciting anyway!

ITI G.Galilei's students participating in  the PON 3504 about Europe, had the chance to spend a few of their English hours discovering Livorno's fascinating origins, to see the so many archaeological finds collected by both Livornesi and foreign collectors and donated to the City of Livorno. 

All the times Livorno distingueshes itself for its generosity.  Giorgio Piovene in his "Viaggio in Italia", 1957 - 1967, when writing about Livorno, says: "Livorno has an extraordinary aspect: in the sense that it is out of the aesthetic rule of our old cities, without being part of the rules of the modern city. It is absolutely different: one cannot look at buildings themselves, but at the Tangle of life from which undoubtely the impulse of life arises".  

Here a few questions for you about Livorno: 

How old is it?

What do you know about its origins?  

And its history?

Do you know any historical figure who gave name to some streets in Livorno and what they did? 

Let us know with a comment. 

Enjoy your English and any possible connection with vitality.

Anna - Coordinator 

Own source photos taken with students' parents' permission 



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