Being Mindful

Good morning, afternoon, evening

Mirella, Michela, Elisa, Silvia, Giuliana, Federica, Daniele, Loretto, Sergio, 


these are pages for you all to read after finding their right order, and speak about when in class together. 

What is the role played by your job in your life? 

Can you employ your skills when working?

Is your work stressful?

Do you adopt any special technique to relax?

Can you focus on a subject and stay focused as long as you need? 

Are you aware of a special state of mind when concentrating? 

What do you do to line up both, thinking and speaking so to express your thoughts accurately?    

What is the origin of mistakes when you know them for having them being corrected previously?

I know we have experts in class, they might tell us how what their opinions about mindfulness is and give us all advice. 

Thank you Federica for your comment. I do think everybody should become aware of their energy, how to produce, to preserve, invest and employ it. Thus conceiving the best strategies to be always lively, motivated and satisfied of any committment to engag us!   

Anna - Coordinator

Source: Speak Up, March 2019 



0 #2 Federica 2019-03-25 20:11
I have learnt how to keep concentrating: it happened that I focused on a subject for hours without interruptions. Of course, it happens if the subject is interesting or if it has need to be analyzed.
You have the best concentration when your mind is free, out of worries. If not, you have to do everything is possible to clear it.
A clear mind supports clear expressions: before speaking I used to fix some main concepts in my mind, which will be analyzed during the speaking. Also justifying what I’ve expressed helps me to keep the logical order of my speaking.
0 #1 Federica 2019-03-25 20:08
Thanks Anna: very interesting subject!
I’m a contract manager of Municipality, so my job involves a big part of my life: it isn’t only a matter of time, it’s very often a way to succeed like a thinking being.
Indeed, I often have to take decisions , so, to do it, I must to keep updated and I have to know the subject very well to avoid incorrect process. So, I must study a lot.
I love my job because it never bores me, but sometime it is very stressful: it happens when my team has some urgent commitments or when our rulers change the law too quickly and more and more times!
When I need to relax I try to do something that I love much: sometime I go out for a walk, more often I read a book. Of course, during my free time!

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