Good morning, afternoon, evening,

Annalisa, Elena, Gianna, Daniele, Loretto, Simone, 

yesterday in class we had the chance to listen to Daniele talking about his trip to Norway, four years ago, by motorbike. What a love for travelling!

As soon as he posts his comments about these photos he took there, you too reply with a comment. It will be one more opportunity to practice the language in writing before meeting again.

Pay attention to formal correctness, be simple.

Whoever wants to partecipate either having been to Norway or not, is very, very welcome.

Enjoy your English

Sara, your writing is quite good and the more you practice speaking too, the better your results will be. Try to be coherent with your committment to English. Find a little time every day so to make it become  familiar to you and your mind. This latter will help you more than you would expect. A second language is a matter of offering chances, opportunities to ourselves trusting our potential and loving the language.  

Majestic views and majestic feelings, Daniele. What we have inside and what's outside mirror themselves.

Freedom and dreaming, Gianna, something we miss more and more every day unless we decide for a change. Each one of us, if we care.

Anna - Coordinator


0 #3 Sara 2018-05-28 20:48
I went in Norway in 2007, it's a very natural place. You can drive for hundreds for miles without meeting a home or a person!
There are very few road and it's particular for me because while you are driving you find a row of cars, as if there were a traffic light instead we are all in the queue waiting for the ferry because the road ends there!! I went in Norway in July, so there was a famous sun in the midnight, this phenomen is very exciting for me... sun for 24 hours incredible! I saw people cut the lawn at 2 a.m.!! The Lofoten island are like a dream impossible to describe the wonder of this place. I adore Norway.
0 #2 Daniele 2017-12-07 21:47
These are some photographs from my travel to Norway by motorbike, with my girlfriend in 2013.
In my photographs you can see one of the most popular fjord of Norway, it called "Lysefjord" (image 2).
Maybe the most beautiful fjord, with its high mountains, green and deep water, beautiful waterfalls, and 40 kms of lenght.
It starts only two ferry per day from Lysebotn, and if you arrive at port too late, you wait to the next day!
In the 1st photograph, at the top, you can see the famous "Preikestolen", a rock wall with a natural terrace on the top, it's very small from the sea view, because it's on 600 meters by the sea level! (image 4).
It is possible to get on top in 2 hours by walking offroad.
In the 3rd and 5th photographs the amazing view from the Preikestolen.
I felt a great sensation of freedom and beauty in this place where the nature is very strong, and I hope you too by seeing my photos.
0 #1 Gianna Maria 2017-11-29 16:29
This photos are very very nice.I look these places and I seem to be in a dream.People should take care of these natural gifts.

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