Best Friends

'Morning, Afternoon, 'Evening, 

Benedetta, Ilaria, Christian, Filippo, Matteo, Robin, Vincenzo, 

this is homework for you before our next class and for whoever wants to practice their English at elementary level.

Write short sentences, subject, verb, complement, and present your best friend. When in class, your mates will ask you about him/her. Is that fine?  Use the page from the text book as a guide to reply to questions and write your text. 

There are so many songs about friendship, this one I invite you to listen to and sing is called You've Got a Friend, and connects generations  - that is you and me - as you can see looking at

We'll sing it in class, after studying the text. I'm expecting you to come to class ready to speak and interact with your mates! See you there

Anna - Coordinator

Source: New Headway Pre Intermediate OUP 2006


Benedetta: you're doing very well at school, feeling so committed to the task of practicing English we encourage with activities. Continue working so to consolidate the language and get all the possible occasions to practice it. 

Vincenzo: English is a language you can acquire the way you did with Italian. Patience, practice, interest, motivation and commitment. You've got the right approach, continue this way, thinking a little more before writing and speaking so to avoid mistakes and build your own phrases to convey what you wish.   


0 #2 vincenzo 2016-03-04 17:10
My best friend's is Eva,she is 18 years old;She is not toll,she has brown eyesand brown hair.Eva was born in Livorno but her parents hare from Xi'an.She is cool an has open spirit.She likes talking about many topics whit me and I like listening to her about traditions over her family. I think this is a true friendship I wish never ending
0 #1 Benedetta 2016-02-23 14:58
My Best Friend’s name is Samuele and he is 13 years old . I met him 5 years ago, usually we meet at Salesiani, the church where we go. He is verry funny, cheerful, and clever... He has one brother and one sister and their names are Giovanni and Bianca. Samuele likes playing basketball and he is verry amazing. I'm so happy when I stay whit him.

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