After Eight

Good morning, afternoon, evening,

this is an  easy article about a nice subject: the very well known After Eight chocolate mints.

Also the Elementary Students can reply correcting these sentences as a comment. Choose a few of them with the aim of practicing formally correct English.

First say no and what's wrong, then write what's right. Very short sentences, subject, verb, complement.

1. After Eight is the name of a famous milk chocolate.

2. It's an afternoon chocolate dessert.

3. Most British people have finished dinner by 7 o'clock.

4. In a box of After Eight you will find individual round slices of dark chocolate.

5. The ads for Efter Eight emphasize the idea of an ordinary product.

6. After Eight was invented by Nestlé in 1962.

7. Rowntree has also developed more exclusive products such as Kit Kat and Smarties.

8. Melted After Eight make a freat topping for successful cakes.


Do you know any other famous chocolates useful to practice English? Why?


Eleonora: After Eight capital letter; of the advertisements. 


See you in class


Anna . Coordinator

Source: Speak Up, January 2016




0 #1 Eleonora 2016-01-17 20:05
It's interesting to read about after eight biscuits. I ate them so much when I was young! And I think is funny and clever the idea of advertisement with Queen Victoria and King Henry VIII.

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