An Adventure Story

Good morning, afternoon, evening Camilla, Greg, Gabriel and families,


these are the first pages of the adventure book our young pupils are reading, from last to first page. 

As homework for all of you and whoever wants to participate, here's the beginning of a parallel story we decided to invent to see where it may lead.

Don't forget, what works with children works with adults too! Also Prof. Simon Sweeney from the University of Leeds says that. 

Then the children started their adventure story:


"Camilla, Greg and Gabriel are sitting around the table in Gabriel's kitchen.

Suddenly the clock on the wall stops; then the hands run faster than before and they break the glass to start running on the table.

"We are tired of turning, we do not want to continue!".

To start the time again they have to be replaced and ....................."


How would you continue the story? Bear in mind it is an adventure!

Adults can contribute to children's work with their ideas.

And you, children, everybody is waiting for your story to read!

We are also continuing the story with Jill and Ahmed, of course. 


See you all next week,

Anna - Coordinator

Source: Young ELI Readers Granny Fixit and the Pirates 2009


0 #1 Gabriele 2016-01-25 21:43
The children said the clock: "Anytime your hands can go down" .

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