Welcoming Mediterranean Cruise Passengers


Good morning, afternoon, evening,

after enjoying working in class for four weeks, we met Mediterranean cruise passengers "In the open air", that is the square in the city centre where the shuttles from the port leave cruisers before they set out on their trips to visit Tuscan cities. 

Livorno is one of the calls in the Mediterranean Sea for people who come from all over the world - Canada, the States, Australia, New Zealand, all Europe, Japan, China, India -  to spend a few weeks on board of beautiful ships and want to visit the countries overlooking the sea.


It was such a great occasion for students to practice the language, to exchange ideas with people generous of their English and who appreciated our "beautiful program", that's what they said.

To continue practicing, upload a comment about the morning with cruisers or the whole Summer course and keep in touch with your mates. 


How did the course help your English? If so, why did you find it useful?  What did you like most? 

Activities, dialogues, oral and written onto papers on the walls, stories built following pictures cut from magazines, written and narrated to win a prize. English books to continue  the experience and improve the language.

All students had a permission signed by their parents for being photographed and for the photos to be published coherently with the aims of the English training course. 

Thank you all for participating, it has been great working together!  

Anna - Coordinator


Thank you Giuliano for your comment.

Each one of us should feel part of this little planet we live on and protect it, that means caring for the past, present and future. The Mediterranean is this magnificent common sea - Mare Nostrum - that gave all of us living around it the same identity, we all belong to this common "land" that produced unforgettable history, culture, art, civilization to be shared and spread. All the times someone interrupts this flow everybody should ask themselves why, what has gone wrong, since there are so many responsabilities, and each one of us might not be excluded from having some.

Continue writing about your journeys around the world, it is a great pleasure reading.

Thanks once more Giuliano, for one more comment. Each one of us is a mine of feelings, a special lens to read the reality. All the times we feel anger, hatred, we should wonder why and find the answer. By the time we have the answer, our feelings would change, would be more mature, productive and useful.

Destroying the remains of ancient cities means to cut the threads that keep us linked to the deepness inside ourselves. On the contrary, we all need them to understand which places we belong and continue the very long walking each one of us can contribute to, in order to leave something to those who'll come after us.

We are developing projects about the Mediterranean, considering it a conmon area shared by so many different peoples with their different cultures, languages, behaviours, that are still in time to know each other and design a common humanism for a future to share.


These two photos are from the news broadcasted on 4 August 2015 by Granducato TV,  whose journalist asking perfect questions to both Mediterranean cruise passengers and students, is now - June 2019 after the administrative elections of May 26 - the Mayor of Livorno. 

We invited him to visit once more our open labs, we wish he will. We'll let you know. 



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I couldn't resist commenting. Perfectly written!
0 #2 giuliano tonini 2016-01-02 18:41
My experience about Mediterranean journeys allowed me to know same Arab countries.
I never expected the dramatic events who struck those peoples.
During my stay in those ancient and beautiful cities as well as in poor rural areas,I always found kindness and courtesy.
Only when the guide in damascus led our Group over a hill to see the Golan Heigths and he told us that those lands,captured by Israel,had to be returned to Syria,his voice and his eyes became hard and menacing.It was easy to understand the hate between the two peoples.
Anyway I'm sure that most of the Arab world does not hate the Western world and does not agree wity the violence and terrorism that belongs only to a few extremists.
0 #1 giuliano tonini 2015-12-15 18:40
I would like to talk about what's happening in many Mediterranean Arab countries,more precisely in Syria.I visited Syria five years ago and now my heart is breaking for the tragedy that this country and its citizens are suffering.Syria is very reach in Roman remains and Palmira is the most beautiful exemple of that.This is a city built by Romans in the middle of desert,along only the road-caravan that connects the fertile plains of Tigri and Eufrate rivers to Mediterranean Sea,only stage in the desert for the trade caravans.For this reason Palmira achieved great prosperity and its citizens had been able to build great temples and monuments.And now,know that these traces are destroyed fills me with melancholy and anger.

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