Teamwork 2

Good morning, afternoon, evening, 

thank you so much Eleonora for appreciating our very brief article about Gandhi. He was only seventeen when he understood that using the language of the British Empire for freedom purposes would have doubled the effects of communication, making people feel free to spread  what they strongly believed in: freedom is everybody's right!    

To make it easier our work, since time flies and technology sometimes doesn't help, today please

1. choose among the pages from a text book we uploaded on the previous page; 

2. choose also one or more partners to work with and

3. come to class with ideas of yours, notes written and present the topic to your mates.

We all are very interested in listening to you and to the following conversation. 

Enjoy your English and involve families


Anna - Coordinator 

Source: Pages from Get Thinking - Cambridge University Press - 2015



0 #1 Eleonora 2015-03-21 15:44
I like very much the poetry! thank you Anna for having shared with us!
I wish you all a good start of spring


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