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in class we listened to this article and the following conversation was so stimulating!

Do you agree that body and mind are deeply intertwinned?

What is the role played by exercising in your life?

We said it's important to become aware of this importance if action has to be taken. With no consciousness there's no decision to start something new.

How many perceptions can we develop to produce never ending resources?

Which ones do you base your daily life on?  

Let us know what you think and what your experience is.

Enjoy your English and practice it.

Anna - Coordinator 

Source: Speak Up January 2015 

Thank you Maria Luisa,

just a few words here after listening to your comment in class:

Latin capital letter, you can find context and other spelling kistakes by yourself. Coordinate subject and verb, singular singular, plural plural. When speaking in general no articles before nouns.

See you in class, Anna 


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Thanks for sharing your thoughts on %meta_keyword%. Regards
0 #1 maria luisa 2015-12-05 15:12
Mens sana in corpore sano is a latin phrase by Giovenale;in the western world,this expression is widely used in sporting and educational contest to express the theory that phisical exercise is an important part of mental and psicological well-being.I think that a regular phisical activity gives us not only a good looking but influence our diet and our thinking. I like very much yoga because when I make this exercises "asana" the body and the mind are deeply intertwined.With yoga activity I became aware of all parts of my body,clear out my negatives touchts and I find a immediate calmness. At present I am going to the swimming-bath two timPes a week for aqua-gym because three years ago my yoga teacher moved from Casale to Padova.

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