The Isle of Sark and Hiking in the U.K.


'Morning, 'Afternoon, 'Evening, 


there are new students in our groups, and for them and whoever wants to cope with simple texts, today we have two articles at Basic Level. Environmentalists would appreciate them.

Commonly when you start studying a Language, things seem so difficult, other people are more competent and you still have to start becoming familiar with this new commitment.

But as soon as you start listening, reading, speaking and writing, everything becomes easier and you confident in yourself because you see the progress you make. 

It's an experience that has to be done if you want to know better your capabilities and potentialities. The class  with mates and the guidance by a teacher is very helpful, very soon  you will be skilled and independent.

The subject of the article is a quiet and beautiful place, where you could plan to go on holiday and practice your English.


After reading the articles you can answer these questions:

- What do you think people do on the Isle of Sark? - Describe their routine day. 




And a hiker? - Describe his/her day when hiking. 

For Upper Elementary students: would you like to go to the Isle of Sark? What would you do there? Who would you go with?

- Have you even gone hiking? Where? Say the story. 

Enjoy your English, pleasure reading you,

Anna - Coordinator

Source: Speak Up - August 2007 and Speak Up - April 2007





0 #3 Cristina Gianfaldoni 2013-03-28 21:04
The island of Sark is approache by boat. There aren't cars on Sark, only tractors, bikes or horses and carriages. It is the perfect place to get away from it all. Many visitors ust visit Sark for its tranquility, spending their days swimming or walking the many coastal pathways. The residential population is around 600 but in summer this rises to over 10000. There are two banks but there isn't automated cash distributor. Dixcart Bay is the oldest hotel in Sark and its restaurant is famous for recipes that use produce directly from the island, including from its own market gardens.
0 #2 Lorenza 2013-03-21 19:42
I have gone hiking to the Dolomiti in Trentino Alto Adige near Canazei. I went to the mountains two years ago with my family and friends. One day we walked for three hours until the mountain refuge at 2000 metres above sea level. We ate local dishes "canederli" and "strudel" and then we went down to the valley with the sledge. It was a great experience, very funny.
0 #1 franca landucci 2013-03-21 14:03
Unti I saw the article on the island of Sark, I didn't know existed. But I remembered that a few years ago(with my husband and my friends Sonia and Alessandro) I went on the island of Belle-Ile in Brittany. In this island one arrives only by boat, the car should be left on the continent. The island is lush with hidden valleys white beaches lighthouses, rocks and cliffs, pretty villages. The best way to admire the beauty of the island is to walk along the coastal paths which permit to reach the most suggestive places. These points are accessible to all, bat since there are slippery descents, and walk alongside cliffs walking shoes are obligatory. The best memories of this island, visited in August, are the beautiful sunsets and night looking at the clear sky, waiting for the falling star.

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