A Photo Description

'Morning, 'Afternoon, 'Evening, 


We had the chance in class to talk about students' work on the web too, how important it is focussing on formal correctness before writing.

It's very important to employ directly the English we know when we write, producing sentences for a cohesive and consistent text.


All the times you write, think of the reader of your text.

Either they are articles, or essays, or letters, they have to be addressed to the point, directly, essentially, using short and concise sentences, short paragraphs.

Thinking and writing directly in English is a training, avoiding our first language, but it's worth because it simplifies work and builds up patterns for any next time.


Today, to practice English, find here a Photo Description, choosing among the expressions we are giving you:



at the top, in the background, in the distance, in the middle, in the foreground next to me, in the bottom right-hand corner, in the top left-hand corner, on the right, on the left. 

You can connect these expressions with your impressions, comments, ideas, Low and Intermediate Level, or just describe using your vocabulary, Elementary Level.  

Describing and comparing/contrasting photographs is also a part of the oral test you have to face when passing the First Examinations, Cambridge Language Assessment, Intermediate Level, but also your Elementary skills can benefit by practicing.

To better create a context, if you like, you can do your own research about the place where the photo has been taken, and integrate your description with comments and news you have found. 

Any other idea of yours is very welcome. 


All the best, enjoy your English,



Anna - Coordinator


(Source, Newsweek, December 3, 2012)


0 #3 Greta 2013-02-28 13:57
In this photo we can see many subjects to describe.
In the background we can see the blue sky; in the distance there is an obelisk that rises upwards.
In the middle there is a pool of water surrounded by many trees.
On left there are people who walk into a large square.
In the foreground next to me there are two children, perhaps brother and sister, who take their hands while climbing some stairs.
0 #2 franca landucci 2013-02-20 14:47
In this photo, in the distance, there is an obelisk on the national Mall, built to commemorate the first American President, General George Washington. In the back ground there is the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool with the Washington Monument reflected. In the middle there are many people. The people are walking. In the foreground next to me there are two children: a boy and a girl. They are helding hands
0 #1 Cristina Gianfaldoni 2013-02-20 07:58
In this photo, in the foreground next to me, there are two children, a little boy and a little girl, holding by the hand. They are going up a flight of steps and they are looking down,perhaps not to fall. In the middle there are people walking in a square paved with concrete. In the distance there is an enormous pond : some trees and a lawns skirt it: In the background there is an obelisk standing out against the sky full of small white clouds.

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