Red Panda

Elementary Level

These are just a few pages from material developed by National Geographic Digital Media.

Sights and sounds of the world accompany the Footprint Reading Library, including fascinating videos. 


Think seriously of reading and watching videos to acquire English. Start getting the habit of visiting bookshops and finding your own material to enjoy. Also the Internet is a great possibility, both are even better.


After reading this beginning of a real story then, these questions are for you to reply.

- Do you have any animals?

- What do you do for it/him/her?

- Describe it/him/her and the relationship between you. 


0 #1 franca landucci 2013-02-12 15:44
I don't have any animals in my house.
I don't like to be touched by animals.
My friends'dogs know this and they never come to me.
My husband keeps birds but I rarely see them.
I love animals very much in nature, but not in a cage or in an apatment.

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