A long walk

A Long Walk


Hello everybody,  

This is both a warm invitation and a great wish.

We wish that among the so many connections that animate you, there can be one for English, so to make you accept our invitation to join us on the web and be one of the "dots". English can be both, a proper interest and just an “excuse” to be even more lively, to take initiatives, have and share ideas, write, talk, improve.  

We do hope Newsweek won’t mind having two of their pictures here, at the very beginning of our “walk” together.  (3 Sept. 2012's issue)

We wish it can be a long walk, thanks to your participation.  Differences and similarities with the pictures? You can write about what you think these differences and similarities can be.

English is fundamental  to communicate the world wide, a varied but common code, an identity to be added to the individual one/s we already have. Our native language too can become richer thanks to the acquisition and the comparison with another one. This is a field of such an interest, languages and identities, to be mastered together. 

Native speakers of English are very welcome too. We envy your competence and like generosity; we appreciate both.    

As EFL teachers of English, we are here to be helpful and integrate any opportunities you already have to practice the language, with more material and the possibility to share ideas, projects, initiatives.

Our pupils/students will find it very easy to continue working on the web too, since writing emails within their groups is already a common habit to practice English, so stimulating and productive; try and you will see how easy and enjoyable it is. We feel confident that in the long run bilingual/multilingual, linguistically more competent people will be richer and generous of anything to be shared, so to foreshadow each one’s/everybody's future.

We would like to share with you several types of proposals, opportunities to practice English, material selected from EFL-Language Assessment text books at different levels, but also other texts, magazines for students, plus audios and videos to develop skills and practice communication, to be reemployed as soon as you can. Dynamism, freshness and vitality, i.e. life.

For the presentation of the whole website, please have a look at it, page by page; tell us what you think, what can be improved; do not forget to mention your experience with English, your aims using it, what you are doing for your practice and your wishes.

They can be added to our ones, and this website can become part of a same walk, a “long walk” together, starting today.

Anna – Coordinator – 15 January ‘13


+1 #1 ilaria 2013-01-15 18:40
I visited your blog and I think that you would be very proud of your work because it is very interesting and beautiful.
I admire the photos, especially the big one where we can identify the blog.
When I watched the one that represents every kind of shoes I felt a sense of freedom and the urge to travel.
Your blog is a big travel where people can connect to each other using the language and their skills to explore a new way of comunication.
I hope you will have a lot of visitors! I will surely be one of them!
See you soon!

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