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Good morning, afternoon, evening, Caterina, Monica, Rocio, 


nice welcoming you and anyone else who likes partecipating in this job of ours to make our English improve.

This article is for you to read and then write your comments.

We can continue talking about Cat Cafés in class among the so many other subjects that usually we like talking about. 


1. What is the aim of these cafés with cats that are spreading from Taiwan?  

2. Do you think they would be successful in our country? 

3. Have you visited the web site whose address is in mentioned in the article? If so, tell us what is the core of it and how it works. 


Anna - Coordinator

Source: Speak Up September 2014 



0 #4 monica 2014-10-23 20:16
They put also a map to facility the trip.
It’s very interesting also the faqs page because it pays attention at some problems the customers can have, such as allergies to cats.
Concluding: the core of website is making us to know a place where cats and people can meet togheter and benefit each other from this meeting, in respecting of human and animal features
0 #3 monica 2014-10-23 20:15
it continues...The site shows to potential customers what is a cat cafee and what they can find in.
The title of one of the web pages is “ What to expect from your visit”. Here it describes what a customer can find and do, but also what his behaviour has to be, in respecting cat personality, and other few rules, to defend the cat’s and customers’safety and health.
On the web site we found also a description of the cats living in the emporium, one by one, whit their peculiar features. Beside, the way to book own visit, to buy some products created expecially for cats and how to arrive to venue from everywhere, by bus, tube, train or wheels.
0 #2 monica 2014-10-23 20:13
I completely agree with Caterina's answers. I add that often many people consider pets as toys, enjoing children or as a company for old people, without respecting their own nature and personality.
For what is the tirth question:
Yes I have. It’s the first time I visit a site like this also because before my English lesson, I didn’t know about places as Lady Dinash’cat Emporium.
....Comment follows
0 #1 caterina 2014-10-22 21:54
The aim of these cafes is a sort of therapy place, where customers pay 5 pounds to spend two hours siping a cup of tea or coffee and playng with the cats in relax.

I think that cat's coffe will not run in Italy, because many people don't love animals, and many other who love them have their own pet; in any case they don't need this kind of cafè.

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