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Ireland is definetely a place to visit in Summer, giving you also the opportunity to practice English and experience cordiality. 

Have you ever been there? 

If so, what are your memories of the land? And of the people you met? Where did you go? What did you visit? Cities? Wild lands? How did you go there? Did you take any photographs? What are your favourite ones? Would you mind coming to class with them? 

If you haven't ever been to Ireland, would you like to go there? 

Read the article from Speak Up, July Issue, in class we'll listen to the CD. 


Anna - Coordinator



0 #2 stefania13849 2016-02-18 12:53
Good afternoon at all.I have not ever been in Ireland, but I want to visit it, because I like to travel with my bicycle and to see the lands where there is a wild nature.I would like to go the next June. I will start to cork and i will get to Galway following the cost line for 600 Km on the Wild Atlantic Way.I hope to have nice and warm time because i don't like to bicycling with the rain.
hello stefania
0 #1 franco bosi 2014-07-25 15:14
good afternoon at all. if you have never been in ireland, my advice is: go!!! i went there in december 2010 and i had a great time.my wife and i visited dublin whith two friends in december 2010, and after three days we hired a car and crossed the ireland from east to west to visit the beautiful cliffs of moher.the wheater was not very good and the show of the atlantic ocean was really striking!i will also recommend to visit gallway town. it is a very nice place.
we spent there only five days, a short but intense trip!!! hello to anna and everyone. franco

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