Summer English - Oxford

Good morning, afternoon, evening, 


we are very busy running our Summer Courses, but very pleased to see how many students want to improve their English understanding how useful it can be for their future. 


Join us and practice enjoying what you do. That's the secret we would like you to get.


Would you like to go and study in Oxford, Giulia, Natalia and Sara?


Writing skill:

What strikes you most in this article?

What is there at the Oxford Union in the library on the walls?

Who painted them? What do they represent?

We will use a few photographs from these pages to train the oral skill.

To find and acquire very useful expressions requested for describing photos in the oral test of the First Certificate Examination, select "A Photo Description" from March 2013 in the Archive. We'll practice in class. 


See you there, Anna - Coordinator  

Source: Speak Up, June 2014 

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