Our Galileo and Science

'Morning, 'Afternoon, 'Evening to everybody,

all of us are very pleased to warmly invite you to continue encouraging curiosity the way knowledge started, that is what happened at the beginning of our life and of the human mankind. 

Start reading the attractive English texts of this exibition " Balle di Scienza" by the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Phisics at Palazzo Blu, in Pisa, and let them do their job: fascinate you and make you become part of that immense army interested in Science.   

Dazzles and errors populate the road that man has walked to understand and to interpret the universe.

This happened not only in the ancient vision of an anthropomorphic nature, made of spirits and gods, but it was also the case after the method of Galileo who taught us to look more carefully and understand natural phenomena.

Even today, in our era of hyper-technological and global communication, we happen - and often - to take amazing blunders. 

The exhibition "Bales of Science" at Palazzo Blu in Pisa, will tell you how the errors inevitably accompany the human desire to know: great discoveries - made sometimes by accident - are interwoven with glaring oversights.

Scientists in fact bring in the laboratory, and it is difficult to do otherwise, their religious, philosophical and cultural beliefs. Correct mistakes is the very essence of the scientific method, which was inaugurated by Galileo 400 years ago. What matters is not to lose curiosity and wonder to the world. Being wrong is part of the game.

Anna - Coordinator  

Source - Our camera when  visiting "Balle di Scienza"                        


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