Just breathing

'morning, afternoon, evening, 

just breathing. Yesterday in class we talked about how also everyone' breathing can be so meaningful.

There are times in which we should pay more attention to the simpliest things in life, but so important as breathing for example. Before reading the article reply to these questions:


do you feel any necessity to be more capable of concentration? Why?

what could be breathwalking aimed at, according to you?

do you live a stressfull life? 

are there only disadvantages in having a stressfull dayly routine?

what are the tools you use to improve the quality of your life? 

if so, why is your life so stressful? 

any possibility to change it from being so stressed to being resourceful?


And now read the article and start thinking about breathing and your self perception 


any thinking of training your breathing this way?


Let us know, find your time and improve its quality with just self awareness. It is a first step, but any path  

is made by single steps.


Anna - Coordinator 

Source: Speak up October 2007


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