Faces of Resilience


 Good morning, afternoon, evening, 

when children are asked to cope with war, when they experience anything else but war and fleeing from the war.


Do they know that we are looking at them on protographs?

Do they know that all over the world their faces are shown to make us think about ...........? What are you thinking about while watching them?

Do you know what resilience is, in what diferent areas it is adopted and to define what?  

What are the infancy's rights? 

Are they the same the world wide?

If anyone can draw, try to portrait these faces, each one expressing different feelings, one more way to pay the great attention they would deserve as human beings. 

Do you work as volunteers for some action? 

If so, let us know as a comment. If so,let's hold on  and contribute to change even one life, gesture by gesture, word by word. It could make the difference for someone. 


Anna - Coordinator

Source: Time, February 10




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