Bob in Britain

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just a few words to update this article today, 1st December 2016, almost two years after publishing it.

A film about Bob has recenbtly been  released, with Bob playing itself. Nice guy!

Write comments about both, the article and the film, we will reply. Anna Coordinator


This is the story of a cat in Great Britain. Whoever loves animal can read it, reply to and ask questions   to anyone else on the blog, through a comment. Have you read any other books about famous cats?

For example Dewey, or Cleo? Do you know any others? 

While you read this article at Pre-Intermediate level, can you search for the other cats'stories?

Are they similar to this one?

If so, what do they have in common?

Which one do you prefer to tell us about on the blog? 


So many times children are very fond of cats; one in a group writing poems on different subjects, wrote this little one for his she cat: 

My she cat with her white snout

purrs to me when I'm too out

and at night when I'm back home

she's so happy and I'm not alone 

Author Kevin

Anna - Coordinator

Source: Speak Up January 2014 and Pupils's records

Cristina: creative student, everyone can enjoy your story!


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0 #4 Cristina Gianfaldoni 2014-02-23 10:57
George happy lit up green and though that Vincent was its best friend but Sofia could also be unpleasant.
0 #3 Cristina Gianfaldoni 2014-02-23 10:55
At this point, Vincent took matters into one's own hands. He swelled up like a puffer fish. After he setted on the man's face and he sliced him the nose. The burglar started to scream like mad and he attracted the attention of neighbours. These, first they knocked, then they entered through the open window of the dinning room and they went down into the cellar. They couldn't believe their eyes: there were thousands of bills scattered on the floor. They,”possessed”, threw themselves on the money and forgot the burglar, the cat and the robot. But as soon as they heard the landlords coming back, they fled. Henry freed the burglar and Katie disinfected his nose. Then they opened a tin for Vincent and changed the George's bag. “Finally the nightmare is over! I won't buy any more one lottery ticket!”said Henry, smiling. He embraced Katie tenderly and Vincent perched on George's arms crossed.
0 #2 Cristina Gianfaldoni 2014-02-23 10:53
Henry and Katie decided to take the large sum of money home, because they didn't trust the bankers. The Katie's dream was to buy an island in the Caribbean. The Henry's dream was to buy a racehorse and to pet on it every day. Vincent dreamed a kitchen full of boxes of dry and tins of pate for cats. George wanted Sofia, the hairdresser robot. The couple hid the money under the floor tiles of their cellar. But they were unhappy: they thought only that the money was still in hinging. Until one day, a burglar broke into Henry's cellar to escape the police. While he was sinking his teeth into a wedge of cheese and drinking a glass of Merlot, he noticed a bill emerged from a tile. Immediately George threw dust in the eyes of the hapless and spinning like a top he tied him up with his wire.
0 #1 Cristina Gianfaldoni 2014-02-23 10:51
Once upon a time there was a security guard, named Henry, who worked for the National Gallery Museum. One day, while he went around the rooms of museum, he saw a cat who went to sleep deeply on the chair under Van Gogh's painting “Sunflowers”. Henry and his wife Katie didn't have children and he decided to take him home, instead to kick him out. Katie loved cleaning and that year she has insisted to buy a robot of last generation: George the vacuum cleaner. Between Vincent (the cat of the museum) and George there was love a first glance. When George lighted up red, Vincent ran to pull the plug out and winded the wire round the legs of the robot, so George could have a nap on the rug. But George, when it went to the kitchen, it took the open box of crunchy cat food and Vincent has a bellyful. A bad day a postman delivered a letter for Henry. He was the winner of the UK National Lottery with a jackpot of two million pounds.

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