London Gliding

'Morning, 'Afternoon, 'Evening, 

gliding could be a new experience to start a new year.  At least, just reading about it, related to London. 

Talking about this beautiful city, even more now with the Shard, have you watched any recent films with aerial shootings including this magnificent skyscraper that influences so much the whole panorama and the skyline?

If so, let us know. We watched Closed Circuit, and there it is; at the beginning and at the end of the film there is Renzo Piano's magnificent creation.   

Gliding we said. This is quite an easy article everybody also among the students who started from a very beginner level in October can attempt to read. 

You can reply to the questions as a comment, after creating an account. Class time is always the opportunity to continue practicing about selected subjects. 

Do you remember where else recently we wrote/spoke about a cockpit? 

How can a glider reach the height of 2,000 meters and start gliding? 

What do gliders need to fly? 

What happens when a glider reach a thermal?

What is a land out?

How can you explain the glider pilot's idea in the article of having a "privilege" ?

What is the London Gliding Club?  



Wouldn't it be exciting viewing London from a glider? 

Shall we do it on our next visit to London? 

Enjoy your English


Anna - Coordinator

Source: Speak Up September 2011 



0 #5 slotxo 2018-12-14 14:32
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0 #4 Fabio Barsotti 2014-12-04 18:51
1. Yes, I do. There is a cockpit in an aircraft, but there is a cockpit in a spacecraft too. I have read of the Soyuz’s cockpit on the article about Luca Parmitano and his space mission.
2. A glider doesn’t have the engine, so it is towed by an aeroplane, gaining altitude.
3. A glider needs nothing to fly. It “is supported in flight by the dinamic reaction of the air against its lifting surfaces”.
4. When a glider reaches a thermal, that is warm air which rises naturally, it begins to climb.
5. A “land out” is an emergency landing. Gliders’ pilots land out on remote farms but someone comes and collects them.
6. They feel privileged because they do something that they love doing. Flying is their passion and they share their excitement with others.
7. The LGC is an association of pilots located at the foot of the Dunstable Downs. They maintain the airfield and the gliders. They also give flying lessons.
0 #3 Francesco Arrighi 2014-12-01 15:31
1)Yes I remember , we found the word "cockpit " during the Luca Palermitano's interview .
2)The glider is towed by an aereoplane.
3)The Gliders have need of a "thermal" , namely of a warm air current .
4)The warm air carries the glider higher in the sky.
5)This is an emergency landing
6)They are all volunteer pilots , but have the privilege to fly on the particular places like the Mont Blanc or to accompany an 85 year old lady on her birthday .
7)The London Gliding Club is an association of volunteer pilots . They maintain the airfield and the gliders. They also give lessons.
0 #2 Giulio 2014-01-10 15:56
during the lesson concerning Luca Parmitano talking about the spacecraft cockpit

they can reach 2000 meters in height towed by a plane

The gliders can fly without wind pushed up by a thermal

The thermal push up the gliders so they can fly for many miles passing from a thermal to another one

it's an emergency landing

with passion for flying and the feelings and emotions that you can try during it, I think!

London Gliding Club is a gliders volunteer pilots association.
0 #1 samuele 2014-01-06 20:51
I remember recently we already mentioned word "cockpit" during an English lesson, when we spoke about Luca Parmitano, an Italian astronaut that when he is in mission he lives in the cockpit of a spacecraft.
A glider reachs the height of 2.000 meters towed by an aeroplane and then it starts gliding.
gliders don't need wind to fly, they can climb and take about 20 minutes to descend from 2.000 meters.
when a glider reachs a thermal (warm air which rises naturally), warm air carries the glider higher in the sky.
"land out" is an emergency landing.
For the glider pilot who speaks in the article is a privilege to fly by glider because he can see a lot of famous monuments for miles in every direction in silence and it's exciting to see people happy.
London Gliding Club is an association of volunteer pilots, founded in 1930. It's based near Dunstable and it offers the possibility to fly and see Britain from the cockpit of a glider.

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