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Hello Agnese, Alessandra, Anna, Gabriele, Martina, Samuele, 


for sure you like animals, and definitely the reindeer are fascinating ones. 

This is a worksheet for you to reply after reading the article we listened to in class. You can either answer here on the website consulting your parents, or on your worksheet at home and in class.

Whoever among the students following our courses or just  out of interest wants to practice his/her English letting him/herself be involved in such a nice topic, is very, very welcome.


Enjoy your English, it will be nice reading you

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0 #3 Fabio Barsotti 2015-01-16 15:24
1. Reindeer live only in the Cairngorm National Park, in the Highlands of Scotland. They are free-ranging the Cairngorm Mountains.
2. The Cairngorm Reindeer Centre offers visitors the opportunity to see reindeer in their natural habitat. The Centre organizes guided excursions across the mountains to find reindeer.
3. The Centre is about 6 kilometres east of Aviemore.
4. In december visitors can see Father Christmas and his sleigh pulled by reindeer. The Cairngorm Reindeer Centre attends events all over the country, too.
5. This park was created by Mikel Utsi, a Swedish reindeer herder. He discovered that mushrooms and lichens, the reindeer’s natural food, were abundant even in the Scottish Highlands, so he introduced some of his own reindeer in Scotland.
6. Reindeer are tame, friendly, and let visitors get close. Laplanders keep reindeer as pets!
0 #2 samuele 2014-01-14 13:07
In Scotland there is the Cairngorn National Park, where reindeers live. I think Mike Utsi, the swedish reindeer herder, who created the park in this place, had a good idea. This park in beautiful because we can see reindeers in their natural habitat. I'd like to go there fo Christmas to visit it with a sleigh while it's snow. I didn't know, but it's very curious that the reindeers are animals similar to humans in many ways. Sometimes they are kind or gruff and they accept food from visitors without fear.
0 #1 franca landucci 2013-12-07 17:45
1) The reindeers live at Cairngorm National Park in the Scottish Highlands.
2) The Cairngorm National Park offers visitors a unique opportunity to see reindeers in their natural habitat.
3) It is in the Scottish Highlands.
4) For Christmas, in the park, the visitors can see the reindeers pull Father Christmas and his sleith. Outside the team is present at Harrods' Christmas Celebrations in London.
5)Mikel Utsi created this park.
6) Reindeers are very beautiful and gentle, they are similar to humans in many ways, they can be lazy, happy and grumpy.

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