Final Class for the students of ITIS Galilei Livorno with the Millennium Seed Bank, Kew, Sussex and Celebration

Good morning, afternoon, evening 

Nicola, Denise, Giulia, Alberto, Samuele, Luca, Lorenzo, Elisa, Giorgio, Luca, Tommaso, Francesco, Federico, Manuel, Federico, Andrea, Matteo, Giacomo, Fabrizio and Diego , 


so much of an experience this entire course, wasn't it?

Once more at the Natural History Museum of the Mediterranean where we started designing our path that became rich of encounters, with Dr. Aisyah Faruk at the end, of the Millennium Seed Bank, in Kew, Sussex, to consolidate with her what we learned and practiced class by class.  

Biodiversity, how important it is to preserve it in order to guarantee a future to next generations. 

Thanks to the deep motivation perceived by everybody to pursue personal and professional objectives by Dr. Faruk, students participated willingly asking questions about the Seed Bank of Kew Sussex and biodiversity.

Conservation of biodiversity there is pursued depending so much on scientific data but also very strong individual beliefs.  A driving force to become pro-active all the time a problem can become an opportunity for a change, for everybody's benefit.

There would be no possibility to be operative as a complex community working the world over with no personal competence, determination and decision taken every single day by people who in the same way give quality to their profession and their lives in everyone's interest for the future. 

Thank you Dr. Aisyah Faruk, thank you students for partecipating enriching everybody's and its results

Anna - Coordinator  

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