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The “Open Education for Young Europeans through History, Art and Cultural Learning” project (Open EYE) focuses on creating an open learning methodology based on History, Arts and Cultural Learning, as well as the necessary implementation tools, that will enable teachers of primary education in Europe (formal and non-formal) to support their students in language learning and integration in their school and community.

Livorno, our city, in Tuscany, Italy, hosts the final international conference at the Natural History Museum of the Mediterranean on September 28 - 29/2022. 

Partners of the project

Our association, Eurocontact Plus APS, contributes to the final international conference  with a speech on Multilingualism and Lessons of Vitality, how any child either refugee or immigrant and their mother tongue, can enrich our communities offering opportunities to rewire our designing of methodologies, methods, techniques, approaches to learning and teaching learning.    

Anna . Coordinator 

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