Vilayanur S. Ramachandran and Mirror Neurons

Good morning, afternoon, evening,  

Giuliana, Mirella, Silvia, Elisa, Federica, Michela, Loretto, Daniele, 

as you may already know, as far as uploading photographs is concerned, I'm struggling with my new equipment, but now, all the images for this page are uploaded, so that you can enjoy the page and work on it. 


"Mirror neurons" is the subject we are going to talk about tomorrow,  that's why I'm inviting you to write here your very short "essays", while reading the article I have been keeping for years, since the time I spent in Bologna, where I was teaching in a bank.

Even then I was as passionate as I am in neurosciences. I read books by Vilayanur Subramanian Ramachandran owing to whom I felt even more engaged in the subject of mirror neurons, a field that pushes all frontiers of knowledge forward. Evolution has led us to be empathetic.


Do you feel part of it?

Do you experience that? 

I do invite you to listen to Vilayanur S. Ramachandran on the Internet, e.g. when speaking in the well known TED Talks, Ideas Worth Spreading, for he is considered one of the greatest neuroscientists of the world. 

In Bologna, I used to spend my spare time beetween trains to go and be back after teaching, going to the library in Piazza Maggiore, Sala Borsa, where  newspapers from all over the world were available to any reader.

Also handling newspapers sometimes is part of the training, like the ones written in Arabic, Hebrew; speaking in English with their readers about the content added "spice" to the experience. So intriguing meeting people in stimulating environments and "interacting"! 

Music via photos suits everything as a proper frame. And you should be able to/might guess where the photographs have been taken. 

See you in class,  

Anna - Coordinator  

Source: own photos 


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