Good morning, afternoon, evening everybody, 


shall we go with our English to visit chill places?

Thinking about protecting the environment, we can connect Antarctica and Tuscany. If you read you will see how it's possible.

In addition to answering the questions on the second page, try to find your own connection between your personal interests and the content of the two pages. Come to class with questions for your mates.

Write as a comment what you know about Larderello, if you've ever visited the place of the first geothermal powwer station of the world. In case you did, write down which experience you made.  

When together - speaking time - we'll correct anything you've written.

See you there


Anna - Coordinator

Silvia: always a pleasure reading you, Silvia, including your homework. Appreciated the cohesive organization of your subjects, both in replying and in speaking on your own initiative. 

Thank you on behalf of everybody partecipating in the beautiful concert yesterday, with you playing the Celtic Harp and your husband Massimo the electric piano.

I will see if I have photographs suitable for a page on the blog about your unique performance. 

Enjoy holidays and English



Source: Cult 2 DeA Scuola 2015

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