London National Park City

Good morning, afternoon evening,


Elisa, Silvia, Michela, Michele, Federica, Marco, Manuela, Francesco, Loretto, Sara, Daniele B., Daniele L.


this is London once more!


After gliding over it,, this is another opportunity to know something more about the capital of U.K.

What is your experience of London?

What did you like most of the city?

How many different English speakers did you have the chance to speak to? 

Do you have any special memories about any of them?

Let us know here as a comment and in class, when back with your mates.


Enjoy your English!

Federica: so good of you telling us about your son's experience in London. Plan to go there you too, maybe gliding over it. See the article on page 6, "London gliding" plus "Wow, London skyline", and of course "The Shard" on page 3 of the Archive.  Come to class ready to speak. The same invitation to have a look at the articles is for all of you reading. 

Marco: quite an enjoyable experience yours, discovering what a city is like while walking and seeing all important places to visit. I class we'll exploit it asking you questions. Be ready!

Silvia: it would be nice planning a visit to London together. In class we have expert visitors to consult. Start doing it!   

Manuela: problem solved, you exist here too! Thank you for writing. When writing, think of very simple sentences, so to avoid mistakes. Subject, verb, complement. With attention to formal correctness and accuracy in writing and speaking, your English will improve fast. In class we'll speak more widely about that.

Michele: so busy days, Michele, that you made us miss you last time. Good idea going back to London once more, after experiencing English with the group. We'll speak of all your productions in class as a team work, trying to reciporocate finding mistakes. 

Michela: good attempt your writing.An allotment is a portion of land/city/garden, to be used, either free or rented.

Eli: if you are interested in American English, read this page on the blog and leave your comment.

It will be a pleasure reading it!  

After reading all your comments, I think we have to stimulate and develop in class the right approach to pay great attention to any writing of yours. If you want to be sure there are no mistakes in your productions, build short sentences using subject, verb, complement. Read a lot to let your mind be engaged with English. Results will surface even when unexpected. 

We'll see in class in more details what mistakes can be avoided paying just a little more attention.



All of you, have a look at your writings  when uploaded and see if there are mistakes you can correct by yourself. I do think so. 

And be ready for next time to speak one minute of fluent English about the subject you chose, after practicing at home. Remember your mates will ask you questions.

Once more, enjoy English! 

Anna  - Coordinator

Source: Speak Up September 2018



0 #11 Manuela1 2018-11-14 16:03
Correct Home Work

Hi, good afternoon!
I see My home work is delete, this morning I haven’t good worked on the PC.
I try to remember that I wrote...
I never visited London city but I know is a Classic and modern city. My son visited London for a vacation-study and he has said it is architetturally a sad city.
Unfortunately I have spoken flowing English one time, on the train, in the return voyage from German, with two american people. I have received the complimenti for mine good English....incredibile!
I Hope, whit the time, if I study, I can acquise the English language.
Good by
0 #10 Eli 2018-11-13 18:10
Good afternoon,
I was in London about 10 years ago.
The Trip was a surprise, from My Husband. It was our First Marriage Anniversary. We saw the musical "The Lion King" at the Lyceum theater.
London is an interesting city to visit, I liked it a lot, less the Londoners!
I think because my English was not good.
I hope, in the future to visit London again, but i have a deep Love for the US!
0 #9 michela 2018-11-12 20:39
I never visited London unfortunately; I know it is classic but also a very modern city. My son visited London and he said it is not an happy city.
Once time I spoke fluid English with a person becoming from Germany on the train and I received much compliments.It was fantastic! The first and latest time…
Anna I don't like correct other friends.I'm not to able to do it.But I understand the intention. So, I'm waiting for your corrections too!
0 #8 michela 2018-11-12 20:14
I’m sorry but I never visited this town. I known only things delivery from the books we study at school.
reading about the National Park of London, I’m discovering important things about it. For example that it is near to the capital so it can be more accessible to the public. I read that one’s is trying to make this more wild and there are present lakes, rivers, streams (ruscelli) etc. but I don’t understand the word “allotments”.
In Tuscany, I think we can compare this park to San Rossore’s park near Pisa o Boboli’s Garden in Florence. Near our city , we have pine forests and we are lucky!!
help me for my mistakes! Se you soon!!
0 #7 Federica 2018-11-11 16:53
Following the Anna's suggestion, I'm going to rewrite Manuela's comment, as I like. :D
Good morning,
unfortunately I didn’t ever visit London, but I know that it is classic and very modern city.
My child visited London and he told me that it isn't happy city.
Just once, when I was coming back from Germany, I spoken fluent English with two American passengers who I met on the train and I received many compliments! It was fantastic!
The first and last time... I hope I can improve my English step by step.
Please, correct my mistakes!
0 #6 Michele 2018-10-29 22:14
Good evening to everybody, sorry for my late comment, I had some very busy days.

I went in London with my wife at the end of August 2011, uhm ... a long time ago.
We have visited more of the most important sites and monuments.

Here below some experiences fixed in my heart.

We have enjoied the city using the rent city bike, discovering more unusual beautiful city corner.
We visited the Notting Hill neighborhood during the Carnival Festival, we have seen Carribean fantastic colors in a cloudy day.
The London Eyes has been an amazing experience.
Another beautiful experience has been the musical "We will rock you" seen in the Dominion Theatre. The "Queen" have touched our hearts.
Finaly how don't speack about Fish and Chips? It's one of great British institutions.
I think is time to come back in London!!
0 #5 Manuela 1 2018-10-24 14:39
HI, good afternoon,
I see that's my home work is delete, i think that this morning I have not good working on the PC.
I try to remember that i wrote...
I haven't never visit the London city, but I know that this is a classical end a modern City.
My son visited London for a vacancy- studies and he sed that is a sad city.
Unfortunately Only one I speaked fluent english on the train in the return voyage from German, with two american people.
I recive compliment form my good english.....incredible!
I hope that with the time i can acquire the english language.
0 #4 Manuela1 2018-10-24 10:03
Good morning,
I don’t never visit London unfortunately, but I Now that is a Classic and a very modern city.
My child visited London and he sad that is a not happy city.
Only One I speaked fluid English with a person on the train on the return voyage from Germany, i receved compliment! Fantastic!
The first and Last once...
0 #3 Silvia 2018-10-23 13:53
Hi everyone
I haven't visited yet London, so I cannot tell you many things.I think that is an interesting City that offers many opportunities especially for young people. I like very much the green spaces and the parks represented in the photos and I hope to visit it.
I'm waiting to know from you have already visited, the most characteristic things.
Bye Silvia
0 #2 MARCO 2018-10-23 10:51
Good evening everybody, I know London
i went to london last year. It was a business trip, but I quickly visited the City Center and the most important monuments.
I walked along the Thames river, tourning round and across the bridgs. Unfortunatly i didn't have enough time to visit all the wonderful monuments that i met along the streets.
I remember that i spoke with the local people for to ask the information, but many of them were foreigners, i met many Italians.
I liked the London's diversity. London is a cosmopolitan city. I met Different people, different language and different cultures. It was beautiful experience

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