Moon & Supermoon

'morning, afternoon, evening


These are days of "Supermoon" as you can read below or might have heard of.

The moon is more beautiful than ever, first on the horizon and then in the sky. Have you noticed it?

If you like being immersed in nice topics even on holiday coping with English, focus on tenses and reply to  the questions below; be short and accurate, choosing either present or past simple. 

Whoever wants to contribute to our effort to acquire English as a second language, is very, very welcome.


1. What does the moon recall you of?

2. Do you usually pay attention to it?

After reading the article:

3. What is a supermoon?

4. Have you ever experienced seeing it?

5. Where were you?

6. What were your comments?

 Daniele: "celestial" events are always attractive and you answered a few of the questions above. Any other possible connection with memories of the moon in other fields? Let us know. 

It will be a pleasure reading what you write and replying. 

Anna - Coordinator

Source: own photos and December 2017 Speak Up




0 #1 Daniele 2019-02-23 15:19
Today, 18th of February'19, the Supermoon will start. An important astronomical event that we can see whenever the moon is passing close to the Earth, this moment is called "Perigee". And when in the same time the moon is full, it's called "Supermoon".
This natural phenomenon is very suggestive, because the moon is almost 10% bigger and 30% brighter than usual.
With a little luck, whitout clouds, tonight we could see this amazing spectacle that will finish tomorrow night.
The minimun distance from Earth will be tomorrow morning at 10, with its 356.000 kms.
This one is the second of the 2019. The first was on 21th of January, red by eclipse, more beautiful but less nearest.
Many people will try to photograph it but it's not easy, just few people know how make it.
But you don't worry, if you will do a bad photography you can retry on 19th of March, when the 3rd Supermoon of the year will come again. Have a good luck!

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